Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself


In 1172 the third column of Venice arrived in San Marco Square from the East. The column is thought to be 16 meters in height and 70 tones in weight. During its passage to the present day, the column was inexplicably misplaced; drowned within the depths of the Adriatic Sea, the monument’s factuality has been drifting from accurate history since.

Initially following the school of archaeologists and researchers, whose aims are to localise this sunken Byzantine artefact, Baratto & Mouravas continued this research on a residency they undertook at Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Post-Bizantini di Venezia, and then eventually arriving in Athens through a pilgrimage from the Oracle of Delphi. By wandering, digging and recollecting memories they have developed the practice of archaeodreaming.