Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Dancing Stars Stem In Our Eyes When We Sleep With Our Lids OpenGroup Show - Post Minoan Cemetery of Armeni, Crete - 2021


“Dancing stars stem in our eyes when we sleep with our lids open” was conceived as a contribution to the group show “What is above is what is below and the sky is a mirror reflecting back at the world” in September 2021. It was a collaborative proposal for the Armeni Minoan Cemetery in Crete by Nicola Baratto, Viktor Gogas and Yiannis Mouravas.

Defined by the landscape, the contribution inhabited the space between Thanatos and Hypnos, standing between two seminal works of art, a video installation by Xaviera Kouvara and the soundscape “exp sun” by Andreas Ragnar Kassapis. The relationship between the soil and these two states of being, led the artists to create a series of textile works that served both as shrouds and picnic blankets for a woodland adventure. The piece is a multi-use surface imprinted with psychedelic geography and poetry.

The final rendition is a series of one-of-a-kind silkscreen-printed canvases, in collaboration with Manolis and Chrysanthos Angelakis. Tailored by Alaaeldin Halawany.

Documentation by Xaviera Kouvara and Viktor Gogas

Installation view at the Post-Minoan cemetery in Armeni, Crete, 2021