Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Future RelicsSolo Show - NeverNeverLand, Amsterdam – 2018


“The luminous Past can only sustain a shred of Future Relics”

In 1424, Venetian cartographer Zuane Pizzigano stretched the imagination of the still unexplored Atlantic Sea and drew an island with seven cities in his nautical charts, he named it Antilia.

Throughout the 15th century the mysterious land was never found but eventually gave the name to the Caribbean archipelago, Antilles.

In 1940, the armed vanguard of the Third Reich invaded the Netherlands. As a consequence, Dutch authorities commanded to seize all of the German ships sailing the Seven Seas. A few days later, a Nazi boat was sunk by his own captain to avoid its captivation in the Dutch colony of Aruba; the suicidal german mastered a ship named SS Antilla.

In 2018 the shipwreck is among the most visited underwater sites of Aruba.

Exploring the historical and mythical connections of the Atlantic Triangle generated by the axes Antilia-Antilles-SS Antilla, Baratto & Mouravas showcase at NeverNeverLand the outcome of this ongoing research. Employing their practice of Archaeo-Dreaming the artist duo aims to re-articulate past present and future into a blend time. Future Relics reveals an experiential quest which materialises as an unknown cartography and a space of imagination; a historical labyrinth becomes an immeasurable utopia.

Text from Press Release

Installation view, Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics, NeverNeverLand, Amsterdam, 2018

‘Now I am just a phantom of my own dream. I am scattered like the millions of fishes’ decumbent scales living next to me. Being one with my boat, breathing one oxygen bottle every time you visit me.‘

Invitation postcard, 2018