Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Shadows of Tomorrow


Shadows of Tomorrow is a visual research that explores the connection between our experiences with Sleep and Death, and how they challenge our visual understanding of life.

Positioning itself at this high moment of ocular crisis, where what we see is not to be believed, the works suggest that we can solve our perception challenges through dream narratives.

Past and Future are key elements of our understanding of Time. Hypnos (sleep) and its brother Thanatos (death) both distort and enhance our relation to it. This brings about mental materials to examine the psychedelic blend of the temporalities; Past, Present and Future.

Using earthly materials, the works’ visual language is sourced from our collective theatre of symbols, blending it with contemporary semantics, adding to the Archaeodreaming concept.

As Quasimodo and MF DOOM say in the seminal song of the album Madvillainy:

Today is the shadow of tomorrow
Today is the present future of yesterday
Yesterday is the shadow of today

Yesterday belongs to the dead
Tomorrow belongs to the living
The past is certified as a finished product

The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow