Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Hypnequinomagia, The Magic of the Sleeping HorsesGroup Show - Combo, Venice IT, 2019


Site-specific installation in the atrium of a former monastery in Venice during the Acqua Alta of November 2019 (high tide). Built for the final week of the 58th Venice Art Biennial, this ready-to-float installation was specifically built with
the suitcases in which the artworks were transported, responding to the given logistical limitations of the city. Ghostly presences mirror the island’s material memory. Tightened to columns, broken, and sleepless, the phantoms of history are facing an environmental disaster.

Site-specific installation co-curated with Alban Karten, Kitty Maria, Maarten Nico
Produced with the kind support of the Dirty Art Foundation (Amsterdam) and Microclima (Venice)

Special Thanks to: Bruno Barsanti, Eurico sa Fernandes, Alice Sartori, Paolo Rosso


Installation view of Hypnequinomagia, The Magic of the Sleeping Horses, 2019