Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary

Mooring MemoriesSolo Show - MACAO Milano – 2019


“The luminous Past can only sustain a shred of Future Relics”

Future Relics – Mooring Memories is an installation that was presented in M^C^O – Milano, during the Design Week Milano 2019. It works as a continuation of the previous presentation the duo did in Amsterdam.

The installation consists of three elements; a 2-channel film projection, a sitting set-up and a pair of curtains. The film is the artistic result of the research the duo initiated in Oranjestad, Aruba in June 2018.

The sitting is a set of benches made from black-colored EPS (expanded polystyrene) that cirles the angular projection.

The curtains are a printed blow-up of a spread from the book Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself II: Future Relics. The book was presented on an hand-painted Olivetti office table.